Limburg hospitality in a burgundian ambience

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Festival Cours Eau Jardins - from July 1st to September 5th in Beaune. Monuments, gardens and houses are open to the public and there are street performances for all ages!

Every third weekend of November is Les 3 Glorieuses. The main event of Burgundy and Beaune, a multicultural event in honour of the wine of Beaune. 3 days, with special tastings, and wine cellars and fields that open their doors to tourists. Les 3 Glorieuses is in full swing in the traffic free streets: clowns, robots and folklore parades. On the rhythm of drums and flutes people of Beaune and their visitors celebrate one big party.

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A spectacular sound and light show 'Son et Lumiere au Château de la Clayette' - In July and August. As the night falls, the magic happens! Travel through a world of nymphs and goblins of iron and fire, of dreams and ancient legends. A performance with special sound and light effects in the special setting of the chateau de La Clayette.

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Augustodunum, La quet de la Paix, during two hours 300 extras relive the era of Celts and Romans in the beautiful Roman theater of Autun. Races with chariots, the legions of Caesar, the revolt of Vercingetorix

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